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Nichiban First-aid Bandage (Waterproof Type)


Water-impervious property and fitting to skin movements
Flexible fitting to skin movements and sure protection of the affected area from water are secured by the three-layered structure comprised of the high-density non-woven urethane fabric that fits to skin movements, the water-impervious and moisture-permeable flexible film and the water-resistant moisture-permeable adhesive agent.

Water invasion is blocked by designed tape-width
Since the tape-width is designed wider at upper and lower ends of the pad, the pad side float is prevented to block water invasion.

Water-impervious and moisture-permeable properties hardly
lead to a white pruned state of the skin

Since the higly moisture-permeable materials (non-woven fabric, film and adhesive agent) are combined, the water-impervious and moisture-permeable properties prevent skin maceration and hardly lead to a white pruned state of the skin.