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Finger Cots, Protective Finger Covers


Finger Cots, Protective Finger Covers 20pcs

  • Finger Cots is made of soft latex tissue material.
  • Soft, easy to use anytime and anywhere.
  • Shield your finger from mess and contamination.
  • Is a great tool that will Protect your individual fingers and nails from chemicals and scratches. 
  • Can be used for a variety of things including electronic repair, jewelry cleaning, painting, food service or anytime you want to protect your fingers or items that are being touched. 
  • Provide temporary protection for your fingers while injuries are healing.
  • Protects cuts, burns and blisters from moisture and dirt.
  • Ideal for hard to bandage finger tips.
  • For additional protection, a cot may be worn over a light bandage.
  • Also recommended for use with suppositories, hemorrhoidal ointments and creams.