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TT Serums Series - Hyaluronic Acid Circulating Moisture


Hyaluronic Acid Circulating Moisture Serum is infused with active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramide, Algae Extract, Glacier Extract and Baobab Extract. It creates a powerful moisturizing treatment that enables your skin to stay plump and supple for the whole day.
Advanced Innovative Serum Series
Loaded with high concentration of active ingredients, these serums are water based products that have the ability to penetrate deep within the layers of your skin to achieve immediate results. The highly concentrated fresh, ultra fine texture captivates the senses and immediately melts into the skin, allowing your skin to receive the supplements with phenomenon results.
  • Hyaluronic: Acid plays a critical role in skin health with its unique ability to attract and maintain moisture. It not only helps skin retain moisture but it creates a cushion to help plump out fine lines and wrinkles in problem areas.
  • Ceramide: Hydrates skin on contact; improves the skin's moisture barrier
  • Adansonia Digitata: contains moisturizing properties that could penetrate deep into the skin for better and longer lasting hydration. It contains 90% Collagen composition that increases collagen synthesis, providing a lifting and tightening effect.
  • Glacier Extract: hydrates and calms irritated and sensitive skin