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Flexx JR


Specifically designed for children between the ages of 7 and 15 years, the Flexx Junior is a multi-adjustable pediatric wheelchair that adapts with the children as they change and grow.

The adjustable seat width, depth, and height are just a few of the many built-in features that the chair offers. In addition, the Flexx family accessories are compatible for use with the Flexx Junior. Compact, foldable and lightweight, the Flexx Junior is the perfect wheelchair for travel and everyday use.


Configurable Seat Dimension

Adjustability plays a key role in pediatric wheelchairs. The Flexx Junior offers 10-14 inches adjustment on the seat width and 11-15 inches on the depth. The seat to floor height is also configurable from 13 to 18 inches, depending on the caster and rear wheels size. The backrest angle can be adjusted from -4° to 16°.


Explore the World

Children function at different physical activity levels. With this in mind, the Flexx Junior comes with 20 different rear wheel axle positions to choose from. Configure the rear wheel axle position for optimal performance, customizing the degree of maneuverability and stability of the chair. Children can explore their environment based on their own unique requirements.


Adjustable Push Handle

No need to lean over to push the wheelchair. The height adjustable push handle is attendant friendly and can be configured according to the attendant’s preference.


Backrest Options

The standard tension adjustable backrest can be configured according to individual needs. The seat to back angle is adjustable from -4 to 16 degree. The backrest frame is ergonomic and compatible with a wide range of aftermarket backrests.


Easily Disassemble for Transportation

The Flexx Junior can be easily disassembled for transportation. Without the rear wheel and footrests, it is only 8.6 kg. The compact design is ideal for the family which needs a simple, lightweight wheelchair for short trips.


Prodcut Name FLX-J00 FLX-J50
Seat Width* Seat Depth 10~14*11~15 10~14*11~15
Caster Size* Rear Wheel Size 5/6*14Q/20Q/22Q 5/6*14Q/20Q/22Q
Seat Width (cm) 25/28/31/33/36 25/28/31/33/36
Seat Depth(cm) 28/31/33/36/38 28/31/33/36/38
Seat Height(cm) 39/41/43/46 39/41/43/46
Backrest Height(cm) 37 37
Armrest Height(cm) 15/17/19/
Calf Length(cm)
Backrest Angle(X°) -4/0/4/8/12/16 -4/0/4/8/12/16
Seat Angle (X°) 3~7 3~7
Legrest Angle (X°) 80 90
Max. User Weight (kg) 80 80
Weight W/O Accessories (kg) 8.6 8.6
Total Weight (kg) 15(14Q)/15.7(20Q)
L x W x H (cm)
Overall Collapsed
L x W x H (cm)