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VicAir Adjuster 02



Equally distribute pressure

For wheelchair users who have a fixed sitting position for a long time, the vulnerable areas around the ischial and coccyx need to be constantly squeezed. The five-section design has a small degree of pelvic tilt and can be automatically adapted and can be adjusted individually.

Stable five-interval design

effective equalization of left and right partitions

Stable support can be obtained for both the pelvis and the thigh, maintaining proper seating position, especially for asymmetrical symptoms such as hemiplegia or amputation.

The heights of the left and right blocks are independently adjusted to maintain the sitting position, effectively avoiding shearing and causing skin friction.

Box effect

excellent placement adjustment

Surrounded by the entire zipper, the fixed box shape is maintained; in use, each individual smart airbag is crushed and deformed, and the entire seat cushion can maintain the shape without expanding.

Complete machine wash wheelchair cushion

maintenance and convenient washing OK!

When it gets dirty, the Vicair seat cushion can be completely put into the washing machine for cleaning. It is easy to maintain the daily care of the toilet without removing the smart airbag from the seat cushion.

Smart airbag


The tough material is not easy to leak and break. Sleek corners make the airbag slide smoothly, not easy to wear, and comfortable. With low risk, a single break will not cause a seat cushion consisting of hundreds of airbags to fail.

Open seat cushion structure

 breathable ventilation to protect the microclimate

Maintain a comfortable and dry contact surface. The surface temperature of the skin rises or is excessively moist, which may cause damage to nearby tissues; the bottom of the mesh is designed to retain air flow, so that the temperature and humidity are not easily changed.