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Niagara 3D Vibrational Therapy Set


-1st launching in Malaysia for Medical Therapy Massage Solution

-Consists of 2 equipments which is Niagara Thermo Cyclopad & Hand Unit

-Incorporating a heat function, 3 massage settings and an easy to use wireless remote,  great for anyone who needs a portable therapy device to suit their needs.

-3D Vibrational Therapy that promotes good blood circulation which travel deep into skins & bones 

-Unlike conventional 1-2 way vibration, Niagara will NOT create tissue damage to muscles & joints

-Helps to regulate & increase the blood flow of our body

-Aids in joint mobility

-Reducing musculoskeletal pain (rheumatoid arthritis(RA), muscle cramps, shoulder/neck tension & etc)

-Provide diabetic patient with a better blood circulation 

-Promotes blood circulation for lymphedema condition & stimulate toxin removal

Available now at Homecare Pulau Tikus  Penang, launching soon in Homecare KL & JB

Refer below for the Niagara CVT Hand Unit. It is a highly portable therapy tool used to provide relief and treatment into isolated problem areas. Whether it is for your hands, knees or feet